ไฮโดรนีโอ ประเทศไทย - HydroNeo Thailand
ไฮโดรนีโอ ประเทศไทย - HydroNeo Thailand

ไฮโดรนีโอเป็นบริษัท Startup ระบบสมาร์ทฟาร์ม (Smart Farm) เพื่อเกษตรกรกุ้งไทย


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Welcome to our aerator sub-category! Here you will find a selection of aerators designed to improve water quality and oxygenation in your aquaculture operation. 

Aerator equipment helps maintain oxygen levels in the water which is essential for aquatic animals such as fish and shrimp to survive. Without proper oxygen levels, fish and shrimp can suffocate and die, leading to a loss of profits for aquaculture farmers. 

Our collection includes a range of aerators, including paddlewheel aerators, surface aerators, and more. Proper aeration is essential for the health and productivity of your aquatic animals, and our products are designed to provide optimal DO levels while minimizing energy consumption. Whether you're looking to upgrade your current aerator system or starting a new aquaculture farm, MegaTalay’s partner’s aerators will help you achieve your goals. Browse our selection and choose the aerator that's right for your operation.

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